Fun Reviews from Rory and Tanya’s Travels

We have been traveling and building our businesses for decades together now. And as we have been sharing our stories and tales; we realized we really need to start documenting them here to share with others. Both for reviews and to share experiences to open up the WORLD and WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES for anyone we can share this with. And to say it is Fun is an understatement for sure.

Diving with Sharks in Waikiki: We chose to go with North Shore Shark Adventures. And it was a well thought out success. Afterwards for the group going with me; this was Perfect. See the Details Here.

The World is an Exciting Place. The joys and experiences of travelling and experiencing the Culture, the Food (sometimes/most times this is worth the trips themselves), and the People. The sites are great as well, but we find the people to be the most fascinating and with our lifestyle we can literally decide to come back for months at a time to really get submerged into it all. Way more fun than we let on, but you need to do it to fully grasp it.