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There is a lot of controversy over the past decades on this plant called Kratom. And many are searching out what are the benefits of kratom? As well as what are the possible harms of Kratom? And as we know, opinions are a dime a dozen. The users we know are thankful for Kratom. And they are excited about the results. While places that seem to make their income from pills and potions (and the long need for them) seem to hate and despise Kratom.

Kratom is a plant, and it is believed to act on opioid receptors. As indicated and reported; At low doses, kratom acts as a stimulant. And therefore making users feel more energetic. Then at higher doses, it reduces pain and may bring on euphoria. At very high doses, it acts as a sedative, making users quiet and perhaps sleepy.

As a result of the never ending information about this Plant. There seems to be safe forms of it being used by many. And we have found two that we are working with to share. If you are under a Doctor’s Care, be sure to gain your own medical opinions. Furthermore; We are not condoning anything here. Though it is an opinion of our Editors that there is a lot of potential for this to help those in need. Goodness is found in Nature. Right?

We have two recommended places for the Best Kratom out there:

Top Choice (CLICK HERE): This is the most potent source for Kratom. They have it in a Gel (1st of the Industry to create the Gel that delivers the “Goodness” of Kratom). This is the place to get high quality and potent extracts. This is taking the plant and using Science to purify and increase the potency. Smaller doses with more concentrated effectiveness. This is the #1 Rated Kratom Source as of this article being released. And we are sharing it with you here.


Second Choice (CLICK HERE): This is mainly a powder source. Easy for the strength and measuring. And for those that prefer the ground plant of Kratom. This is a very popular site these days as Kratom and its benefits are becoming more and more known.

If you are into Kratom in a Powder Form then you will love what we have found and provided information on here.

Uses For Kratom:

There is a lot of research available on this Plant and the uses of this Plant for needs of its’ users. Something of a controversial manner. Though it is our opinion that Big Pharma has been trying to ban, destroy and eliminate Kratom and its availability to the public. Why? Well all we can think of is that this “Wonderful” plant that has helped a lot of people (based upon research and personal accounts) is a Plant. It is not Patentable to make into a Medicine or Prescription. And it may help in ways that eliminate the need for other Medicines and Prescriptions.

And based upon the past, and the recent we have seen Big Pharma destroy NATURAL Plant Products again and again. Some of us have a very bitter understanding of Big Pharma. And they make their money from the longevity of disease, not the cure of disease. And this Opinion is shared by Millions.

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