Marketers get Perks

Marketers get Perks. Simple. If you are a key component to the Marketing Success of a Client, they are usually keen to reward you with perks. Let me tell you some stories.

marketers get perks

Hello, my name is Rory Ricord and I am a long term student of the world of Marketing. Being a professional Marketer since 1989 I have been thoroughly enjoying the Journey. There is a certain “thing” about Marketing. Something to it that makes things fun and exciting all the time.

Also, when you are really good at it, it is something that gains praise and recognition in big big ways. While the paycheck size is always a key point of interest; so are the accolades and rewards that come with it. From bonuses, awards (You should see the Storage Space consumed by plaques, statues, orbs, and trophies) and above all for me, Incentive and Award Trips.

For decades, I have received award trips to incredible destinations. From the Bahamas, Australia (several destinations), South Africa, Bali, Mexico (countless times), Hawaii, Canada (BC, Calgary, Ontario), all over Florida. So many in the Caribbean, it is almost like it was a lifetime there alone. I enjoy and yet never end the thirst for what is available to me at these destinations.

Marketers Get Perks

In addition to all of that, are the countless “BIG GIFTS” and “Promotional Swag” that comes with it. Incredible dinners, incredible bottles of wines, whiskeys, scotch, Vodka, Tequila, and all sorts of Spirits that come with it. Those fine Cuban Cigars, and Nicaragua Beauties that rival those fine Cubans. The Upgraded Rooms and Suites to Exec or Presidential Suites. The complimentary Caviar and Champagne appetizers brought to your table. All of the finer things that represent that you are a kick ass Marketer. The gratitude for honing in your craft all these years.

Yes, Marketers get Perks, and yes you deserve them. Let’s start with the beginning shall we… become a Marketer. You can start here, or just start on your own with something.

As Author of “Marketing Is Freedom” I can and will happily share that having Cashflow is the only “True Freedom” device I have ever seen. There is an incredible sense of being free once you have your finances coming in regardless of your TIME being used to make them happen. Being a part of something, or rather some THINGS (multiple) that create the cashflow with stability.

Having one source creating a steady cashflow is one thing, having 10 is a totally different sense of Freedom all together. I would recommend you have a read, though if you are really looking for a solution, you’ve already been there and read that, and are hopefully doing something about it. Just reading this far as to make sure you didn’t miss anything further right?

THRIVING is possible, and OVER-ABUNDANCE is deserved.

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