linq the New Business Card

You need linq if you are in Business. The days of handing out checks of trees ? is over. And with our adaptation to QR codes and NFC have opened the door to betterment in sharing contact info.

Check Out Mine. Connect to my linq account. And literally see what I am about. More so; I am making the World a Better place and you should help!


Hello, my name is Rory Ricord. I am proud to have put so much in motion to make the World ? a better place. Through my education and leadership. Through my teachings as written in Marketing Is Freedom. And Through the Co-Founded Utopian Community known as RRR247.

Defined as:

Self-Made Individual. I allowed incredible Mentors to affect my life to share infinite wisdom and understandings to allow myself to gain knowledge. This with an amazing drive and energy has allowed be to be a steward of God Given talents to influence and better the World.

Husband. Pushing through challenges and growth I am with my Soul Mate and Best Friend.

Father. We have raised and are now influencing greatness with our 9 Children. 6 Men. 3 Women (2 thru Marriage into our Family). Raising 7, 6 Boys and 1 Girl through an incredible Journey funded with Time and Financial Freedom created through the Power of Marketing.

Papa (AKA: Grandpa). To Malak, Ava and Anakin.

My Profession Views on linq as A Marketing Guru:

Business is always about who you know. About networking and connections. And we have been adapting to growing technologies. While high touch and connecting is remaining super important; the methods of how we connect have changed.

The directions of commerce and interacting with Vendors, Clients and Prospects is propelling in ways that need to be acknowledged by all Businesses. The adaptation of Social Media, Reviews, and Organic Content is Vital. We are communicative in more ways than ever today.

High Touch will always set top performing Companies and Individuals apart. And so will their use and adaptation to these methods of communicating.

Having a linq allows for the utilization and advantages of these adaptations. And connects us with colleagues, friends, and prospects better than ever.

See mine for examples. And let me leave you with a Marketing and Education gift. Use Coupon Code: freedom and receive my ebook for free. Get it here. Accept it and read it. Gaining even more understanding on what is needed to adapt in the Marketing World of Tomorrow as well as Today.