The Clothing Identity

We are all consumer and users of clothing. The clothing identity is a way for us to explain how we see it from our vast user experience. From self, to parents and now grandparents; clothing is part of everything we love and do.

It starts out being the identity our parents (or whomever is clothing us) decides it to be. From there we grow up physically and enter the years of social acceptance. Soon we are demanding our style. Our style being what we feel good in. Based upon social pressures, music culture, and our environments.

As we get older and grow into our fashion we look for things that flatter our figure and our age. We have discovered an incredible place. Here are so many incredible things that are current (all the time).

the clothing identity

We have so many differences in sizes and shapes and personalities. There really is more than being a carbon copied “person” than we realize. In fact looking through the closets of 100 persons, the vast amount of clothing options would surprise you.

Creating a way to satisfy at least part of your wardrobe needs is the only true and realistic goal for any clothing shop. Should you be having issues with happiness and your clothing selection however, there may be something you need. This need is not clothing related, but your mood and brain itself.

Seeing what we are referencing can be seen by visiting our Brain Health page here. This will be an incredible help for anyone that is lacking in their clothing identity.

We want to look and feel good. This is something we need to have solid brain power for. Then we can get to the true and reasonable reality of what is going to make you look and feel your best. This is where the Clothing Identity can truly form.