Living Alkaline

Living Alkaline is something that my mentor Richard Davidson has shared with me for many years now. And more recently, it is becoming something I am more and more aware of. This is truly a way to live better. So with that, I am going to share more of it here.

Tanya and I both now are focused on more ways to live Alkaline each day. It makes for far better choices in life. And it makes absolute sense. Plus, once you live alkaline, you will feel so good; you will thank us later!

Richard’s Story and more can be heard in our Community Training and educational webinars. Though you will gain access to products that help live this way in the context of this article and in more details as you want them. Just ask!

Here is a pH SCALE with various foods and food groups on where they fall in the scheme of Alkalinity. The more we can help our body be in an Alkaline State, and not needing to pull resources, the better. It truly has a short term and long term benefit to it. And it is all about making small changes and adapting to living alkaline to see this happen.

Who Brought Living Alkaline to our Attention:

Richard Davidson did. He is a Mentor of mine, so much in fact that without his actions (and they were large) in my life, I wouldn’t be here sharing this with you. No way. And for that, and so much more I am truly thankful God put Richard in my life. I reference him in my book “Marketing Is Freedom”. And his lessons to me continue.

Being that he has continued to share things with us, I wanted to give credit where credit was due. And without Richard, this would not be changing my life and Tanya’s life like it is. So thank you Richard.

Let me Share some things about Richard:

Firstly; He is a passionate Ambassador of Alkaline Health and Overall Wellness. Secondly; he is living proof of this. He is one who lives the Alkaline Lifestyle 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. No joke. Thirdly; he proves it out daily by not only talking the talk; but in walking the walk. And when you meet him; you will be like everyone else “What are you doing, and I want to be like you when I grow up!”

Did I mention I am so Proud to be Connected to Him? I so am:

Thirdly; Richard is an 81 Year Young Retired U.S. Navy EOD Diver. He is a literally bad-ass and while he doesn’t claim that; just wait and see. Because you will know it when you hear and feel his life in the stories he shares. Having lived a life where he was in great shape, and continued far after his military career he has more than figured out the Living Alkaline way of things.

And now Richard is paying it forward (see where I was influenced in the things I do too) to friends, family and anyone willing to listen. He retired from the Military in 1982 and was a huge part of my life journey in 1988 forward. Here in 2022 and beyond he is continuing to work at staying healthy. As a result, he also can focus on staying full of life and purpose. We are privileged with Richard being a part of our Community. He is a guest speaker and shares knowledge with us. We are looking forward to many speaking and engagements that are live with Richard and all of us yearly.

Some Examples of Living Alkaline:

Let’s begin with this; “Living Alkaline is not a BAD Thing, and it comes with awesome awareness and perks”. Firstly, you can enjoy a Glass of Wine every night even! Though make sure it is a true fine wine. Not the crap they sell in the liquor store, grocery store or even those large “Wine Stores”. Fact: A true fine wine that is made in the right way supports the Alkaline Lifestyle. Secondly; the benefits of a true fine wine help you process the foods you eat better. Not to mention it adds to the life of food and taste in general. And Drinking 1 Glass a night is great for many health benefits. Go here for details on getting the right wines. And this is our great find. Super Awesome. 

Alkaline Foods and Supplements of Note:

When we say of “Note” we really mean, we found something that everyone in the World should be taking. These Gems are awesome. And in all the right ways. When using these in combination with living alkaline things are just more Awesome. Better weight management. Better Sleep. Furthermore better body function. And we cannot forget feeling and seeing yourself younger than when you began. This is the fountain of youth in so many ways. Because it is Science based, this is bio-hacking genius.

Firstly; They are called “Snaps” because you Snap them in half and take in the gel that does the Magic! Secondly; they are all consumed in the same manner, making it a “Snap” to use them. Thirdly; they are convenient for travel and use. Not to mention that they are perfect to share.

Benefits of “SNAPS” (taking in account all 4 listed below) include:

  • Mental Clarity & Stamina
  • Better Brain Focus & Mental Acuteness
  • Awesome and Better Moods and feelings of Happiness
  • Increased Energy (lasting hours)
  • Clarity of Skin, Growth in Hair, Nails and Healthy Skin. From the Inside Out.
  • Reduction of Wrinkles, and addition of Elasticity to your skin.
  • Plus so much more, including what is reported by thousands now of overall happiness, Joy, and well being.

Firstly; from the moment I get up and head into the Bathroom, I have it waiting for me by the sink. I take a uüth™ [pronounced yüth] “Snap”. Yummy start to the day, and it is incredible (top of the line) liquid collagen. Plus it has been loaded up with goodness and bio-hacking to kick off the day. Knowing how effective this product is within 10 minutes; I then go about the rest of my health routine in the morning. Taking my vitamins and foods for living Alkaline. Such as eating my daily C.A.T. (Cucumbers, Avocados and Tomatoes without their seeds and skins). As a result of taking uüth™ is the realized growth and strength of Hair, Nails, and Skin. Furthermore; the Blood Flow increases from this are incredible. Heart Healthy is the goal with living alkaline, and this is a great way to start each day.

WAIT 10 MINUTES (if you can) from taking your uüth™ to then take any additional supplements, or food. Allowing the uüth™ to open your cells for better absorption:

Secondly; enjoying one cup of coffee and then taking plôs thermo. The caffeine contained in a single cup is enough to activate this awesome “SNAP”. Yes, for those of you that do not drink coffee; a cup of tea, or Hot Chocolate (if you are not a Coffee or Tea drinker) allows for this to be activated properly with Caffeine. The “SNAP” plôs thermo has been an awesome addition for weight-loss for me. And when it comes to the metabolic activity this creates; wow! It is so nice to see my inches shed away. Losing the pudge is always welcomed right! This is awesomeness. You will want your plôs thermo “SNAP” as a part of your kicking your day off.

While these first two start the day; we add these two and roll the rest of the day out. Welcoming brān® and zlēm™ to the rest of what is sure to be an incredible day:

Now its time to make the most out of the day. Thirdly; we go with our brān®, pronounced [breyn] “SNAP”. We love this one so much. Plus; We take it throughout the day. In fact, if you were to be with me through the day; three to six of them would be the normal day. We have been praising this very “SNAP” since we first started taking them in July of 2020. Nothing has impacted our day like these have; and when you add in the other “SNAPS”, well its a wow. Fun fact; After 5 straight days you will be feeling what is known as “The State of Flow”.

“The State of Flow” this will change your life. Just get this and take it daily!

We are always going to this “SNAP” throughout the Day. It is a “GO-TO” when we need more mental strength and stamina. When we are needing to do mental work or have deep conversations. It is a game changer. This “SNAP” is about More. Be More Acute, Be More uplifted (moods and attitudes), and be more mentally clear. Get rid of the Brain Fog!

Fourthly; we go into “The Fourth Snap” which is zlēm™, pronounced [zleem]. We have these bedside, so we don’t miss them. Plus its better to take them before bed, rather than toss and turn later to realize you missed your “SNAP” of restful bliss. It should be taken 30 minutes before you go to bed; and then let it help you fall into great sleep.

As a result of you being in great and restful sleep; your body can take care of things. See with zlēm™, your body will be put into an athletic state of mind to help repair and consume fat storage while you are resting. Also, with zlēm™, you have incredible help in cleansing and flushing out waste and toxins. Incredible benefit. Now add this in conjunction with the other three “SNAPS” as explained above and ENJOY life in a better, healthier and happier way. With Joy even.

Yes there is more you can do. Help to Pay It Forward. Living Alkaline and taking the right supplements and Bio-Hacking Products like we do. Look into becoming an Ambassador For Changing the Health and Lives of Others. See more here; it is our Business Partnership program and it comes with full access to our Community and Resources. When you enter in here as a Member, we will get in contact to give you all the resources and training to help you succeed with us.

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