PBS Your Key to Time and Financial Freedom

Create Time and Financial Freedom when you get connected with the all encompassing solution of the PBS in connection with RRR247.com.


If you want to get going in your life with a better way. You just found it. Now its all about taking the next step to get going.


There is an entire Life’s Work explained by Rory Ricord in this Book. It is a user Manual to Success in creating Time and Financial Freedom. All through the Very Marketing that is Instructed and “Paid Forward” to you in the RRR247.com Community as you are trained how to “Create Time and Financial Freedom” with the power of Marketing. This is Marketing that is Working TODAY. Not yesterday. Reading this book is the very beginning you will need to Understand “Why It Works”, “What is Behind The RRR247.com Online Community”, and “How Marketing Truly Works”. This is the knowledge you need to succeed that they do not teach in Schools.

Our training comes from the Author and Marketing Guru Rory Ricord. And his BOOK “Marketing Is Freedom”. Get your book, ebook, audiobook by going here. Use the following Coupon Codes to get the Ebook for Free, and the Audiobook for Free (or get discount on getting the Hard Copy Sent to you).

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This is someone that has already joined in getting their own PBS and are Actively Succeeding with the Very Thing they will be teaching you how to Succeed with. They are there to Pay It Forward to you. They are already being “Paid Forward Too” and Continue to Be. Just as you will be once you get connected and get going. They will get with you and connect to make sure Goals, Needs and your Time meet what is necessary to make this work. CONTACT US will take you to getting in contact with an Instructor.

  • You can be going in as little as 2 Business Days from the Time you Connect with your Instructor. And you will know after talking with them if this is right for you. You will KNOW.
  • You pay nothing to be trained. And you will have access to non-stop, as you need and can attend training. This is a Career for Several. Part Time for some. Full Time for Others and Legacy (Beyond Career) for more and more as they see this Grow like it is.
  • Your Instructor (and the System Itself) makes Money when you do. So your success is important from the first second you start onward. Tomorrow. Next Year. 6 Years from now. 60 Years from now. And so on.

THE CATCH! You will be expected to “Pay It Forward” to Others Once you Understand and are Benefiting from the “SYSTEM”.

So if you are ready to learn, succeed and then help others to do the same. We are GOOD! Let’s get you going.


This is nothing that anyone should go at alone. It took the Master and Creator Decades to figure this out. You get to learn it in weeks! And be into building Customers (that pay you on each purchase for the life of the Customer) in a Team Structure even before you have completed your Training. This is allowing success and the ability to “Earn” while you are “Learning” and getting into the aspects that allow unprecedented success to anyone willing to follow the “System”.

  • The PBS Itself. This is the CORE that allows this to happen. It is the technology and CENTER of it all.
  • The RRR247.com Online Community. This is the Support, the Training and Development for you and for everyone else that Comes into this Incredible Solution.
  • And The Philanthropy of the Ricords. Rory and Tanya Ricord provide through this all the main support for making this Successful. The Knowledge. The Know-How. And the Capital to make the Marketing Happen. This is where the PAY IT FORWARD begins. And where it is propelled from. No one has what we have. And we are here to change the lives of Millions around the Globe. You Ready?

The Direct To The Consumer “Movement”. More and more the things we want and desire are becoming available to be purchased direct from the Manufacturer and Delivered direction to our Door! No need to go to BIG BOX STORES. No more need to pay RETAIL PRICING.

Want to get going! CONTACT US and let’s get you started!!!