Are you eating Foods that Cause Death?

Are you eating Foods that Cause Death? Probably so. There is so much harm and greed over humanity in the foods that are in front of us. There is so many issues with this. And it all stems from Corporate Greed. Not to mention any of the Conspiracy Theories (though they all seem to be Truth vs Conspiracy).

Watching this Video by Mark Hyman, MD is enough to really get you to look at changes in your Diet and your Families Diet: (Then Keep Reading, because we have solutions to share!)

Foods and Nutritional Supplements to Help in your Diet and Consumption for a Better Life:

There are some great finds we have discovered as we looked for better ways. We are going to list them here and get you the details to share in these “Awesome Finds in Foods”.

  • Health and Wellness through Supplements: Just because you paid for it doesn’t mean its good for you. This applies to the Health and Wellness Supplements. And if you are buying them at a Grocery Store you probably are getting access to mainstream and that is where Greed over Humanity is most visible. We found the most incredible Bio-Hacking (Where Science is in this to Win, making our Health better and the processing of our Foods better for us as well) solutions. This is a serious of products that truly helps with our Health and Nutrition needs. From Better Hair, Nail, Skin and Circulation to Weight Loss and Weight Management Solutions. Longer life with healthier benefits is here for all of us with the changes in our diet and that includes our supplements. The fact is, we need to supplement because the foods do not have the nutrients we need. We all should be using these Bio-Hacking Supplements to better our Health, Youth and Vitality. Get more details and get them directly to your door here:

Are you eating Foods that Cause Death
  • Nutrient Dense Beef: This is the best tasting Beef out there. And you cannot get it in your Grocery Store. They will happily sell you the water-infused meat that they can charge you by the pound for though. And it will not contain the Nutrients you really need. This Nutrient Dense Beef is raised in the right eco-system that supports healthy cows and nutrient rich cows that then creates Nutrient Dense Beef. And you will know once you taste it for yourself. Details are located here.
  • True Fine Wines: These are not your Grocery Store Wines or Heavily Marketed Wines that were once Boutique Wines ran by Caring and Loving Families. See the Conglomerates have taken over 85% of the Wine Market and took the Art of Fine Wines and made it the Art of Making Money. All with Greed and not Health in concern at all. There are few places you can truly get A TRUE FINE WINE, and we found the place where you get it at incredible value. And you get it Direct To Your Door. Only a True Fine Wine, made the correct way delivers the Health and Vitality benefits of what Wine was Created for. Get the information and get it direct to your door here:

Are you eating Foods that Cause Death?

When it comes to the Foods we Eat, and the choices we make; We all Need to Do Better. Education is part of it. Access to the better choices is another. And as a general rule, processed foods are bad. Bad as in they hurt us. Bad as in Greed over Humanity may be changing those foods to make us more “addicted” through chemicals and Bio-Hacking for the Greed. There are “Food Scientists” that literally engineer foods to be addictive. This makes for a customer that spends more. And they do it without the care of the life quality created this way.

There is Bio-Hacking done for the Greed. And then the Bio-Hacking done for Good. We found the GOOD BIO-HACKING in this amazing Company and Product Line. See it here.

We are here to make the World a Better Place. And while hopes and prayers are effective; nothing beats true Resources applied to the Hopes and Prayers. CONTACT US for more details and to become a larger part of the “Pay It Forward” Online Community that we are all about.