Crypto Mining Watch

This Crypto Mining Watch is something spectacular. Because it is a very low entry; it is a perfect way for anyone to participate in the new shiny World of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.



We are educating and deploying a marvel device that also is a Crypto Currency Miner. Meaning it is creating Crypto Currency that is available on the Exchanges. A way to be a part of the Blockchain and Crypto Currency World. First of it’s kind.

Here is an informational video presentation about this Opportunity:

Enroll by going here! And below is details to help you get going. Also, gain access once you are in for incredible support, and team building “Awesomeness”. Should you decide to join in the Marketing of this.

Get placed and going by FOLLOWING the Instructions below the PURPLE “Here is a Walk Thru of the Join Process for this Crypto Mining Watch:” Below:

  • We are launching this with thousands of Online Marketing Partners and are doing so in a method that allows anyone to succeed.
  • Note: If you are part of RRR247 already, you understand this.
  • And If you are not; be sure to connect on this with the person sharing this with you.
  • If you came to this on your own, and are not referred by anyone, follow through with the LINK in the explanation information below.
  • You will be contacted and given incredible support. Not to mention, you are going to gain in a FIRST COME, FIRST PLACED enrollment into a Success Line. You will thank me later.

What you need to know:

  • VYVO TOKEN VSC20 (VYVO) is a cryptocurrency, deployed on Binance Smart Chain(BSC BEP-20). It is fully implemented to create a priceless data streaming system based on personal Health and Wellness biodata captured directly from Vyvo wearable devices in real-time. All done in way that does not invade your privacy.
  • And this is only the beginning of a forward strategy in solving Health and Wellness issues through advancing science and data.
  • We are in a long awaited ROLL-OUT of this Technology and Marketing Strategy for sharing this with the World through our RRR247 Organization.

ENROLLMENT STEPS for claiming a Spot in the Marketing Program; as well as getting the following with your W2 Pack for $495 (plus shipping).

This is just the beginning – more things are tied to this – but this is what you will be receiving initially:

  • Crypto Mining Watch: $500 PLUS in VALUE. Firstly, this is the device that connects you with your Vitals and Health Information. Secondly, this is the same device that is Mining Crypto Currency. All through the Proof of Sensing!
  • VYVO Debit Card and Smart Bands. That allow you to turn your Commissions and Crypto Watch “Wallet” into a Payment System where-ever tap to pay is activated for VISA Payments. This is a huge value $250 if purchased separately, but included in our Pre-Launch and Contracted Package.


  • 6 HUBS: $600 VALUE (We get included in this). Each Hub is activated with Customers and Members entering the Network. 5 Per Hub. Hub Owners receive 25{cce03c5dbb575a791c5193784a3c23e17ad556787ac3988d97080bc0a057defb} of the Crypto Mined in the HUB. The Customer / Member with a Crypto Mining Watch/Device receive 50{cce03c5dbb575a791c5193784a3c23e17ad556787ac3988d97080bc0a057defb} of their Watch/Device mining. And then there is 25{cce03c5dbb575a791c5193784a3c23e17ad556787ac3988d97080bc0a057defb} of the Crypto Mined going to the Global Pool. 100{cce03c5dbb575a791c5193784a3c23e17ad556787ac3988d97080bc0a057defb} of the Crypto Mined in every Hub are distributed to the Customers/Members.
  • 30 Days Subscription to the “SmartLife Basic Oracle”. This is a monthly Subscription service that is required to allow the mining to occur. This carries 30 (BV) and is commissionable in the Binary Dual Team Compensation Plan.
  • PLUS MORE… but this is INSANELY AWESOME!!! And we are connecting more ways to build income through the use of this technology.

You will go to that link, Enroll with your Information. Hit Join. Then go into the “STORE” selecting that from the TOP MENU. And if not already pre-selected, select “VYVOEVO CLUB STORE” in the “COUNTRY” Drop Down Menu. This will pull up our EXCLUSIVE RRR247 Launch PACK. And get you involved in our “INCREDIBLE” offering.

Here is a Walk Thru of the Join Process for this Crypto Mining Watch:

Your Referral Link, used to share and enroll others to join in your Left or Right Team should look like this:

Be sure to set your enrollments to go where you want them. Left Team or Right Team. Here is how that is done:

We will be holding updates on this during our RRR247 Student Training Calls that are held EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT at 6pm PST / 7pm MST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST on

Firstly; all are welcome to join in. Just be aware that we have an incredible way to market online. And this is one of our KIOSK OFFERS. And secondly; while it is an incredible thing, we are building with so much more. All in a very duplicatable process and System we call RRR247 and Performance Blogging System (PBS for Short).

Because we are part of things coming in the future; we are literally creating the timing and making success almost guaranteed. We win. As a result; All of us WIN. Furthermore, we are set up to add more and more success in a proven eco-system of our own to deploy, educate and properly market to the World.


We will be rolling out THIS in our RRR247 Manner during the Tuesday Night RRR247 PBS Student Training Zooms. Completely covering Marketing Strategies, and processes as utilized with our PBS, Social Media, Link Posting, and our Paid Marketing Campaigns.

Action Items:

  • Get Yourself In, using the link you were given by your Instructor/Sponsor.
  • Purchase your $495 Package.
  • Refer in 1 Business Partner to your Left Team.
  • And Refer 1 Business Partner to your Right Team.
  • Then add as many Business Partners to your Teams as you can.
  • Help your Business Partners to Get their 1 Referred Business Partner in their Left Team.
  • Then, Help your Business Partners to Get their 1 Referred Business Partner in their Right Team.

That is the BASICS. Complete overviews in our training. Timing is NOW. And then we build upon this. The World Needs these solutions. We are going to be there to deliver it. So much to gain, so much to improve on, and so many to help.


This is an incredible OPPORTUNITY to say the least. And as you can see, setting it up is easy, and we are here to support and help our Community.

And to hear even more about this Opportunity, and how it works with our incredible Health Products Watch more about the “Watch” Here:

Get your zlem, bran, uuth, plos information and start benefiting from them. See the details here! Because we are full time Online Marketers and Educators; we get the best before the rest see it.