Remove Mitt Romney from Office

It is coming up, the 2024 Utah Senate Race where we have the best opportunity to Remove Mitt Romney from Office. This is an absolute Opinion Article. From a Utahn Born and Raised, Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Serial Entrepreneur.

I absolutely loved and admired Orin Hatch and supported him in several ways throughout his long and “Awesome” Political Career. Industries I care for in Marketing, Direct Sales, and Small Business thrived under his watchful care. He was great.

Then along came Mitt Romney, and while the Olympics in 2002 seemed to be saved by Mitt; there has been a solid path where Mitt Romney does things against what the Voters Wanted. There is also Mitt Romney’s seemingly Emotional Hate towards President Trump.

Utah has Severe Issues with Damages with BLM Actions. Yet Mitt Romney Stood with Them.

Mitt Romney has Marched with full Press Coverage with the Black Lives Matter. And it is my Opinion he made a statement that chaos and destruction was something he was for. That violence was a method to be tolerated for the cause. Furthermore, the cause has been proven to be nothing more than a scam. Where is BLM when anyone of Color seems to need them? Why did Mitt Romney do this? No absolute idea, other than he claims to want to Vote his conscious even if it goes against those that Voted him the voice of Utah. As a Result; his “Conscious” has been on the side of Racial Divide with every opportunity.

Anyone that wants to utilize Race to part the ways of us all being one “America” is not okay with me. We are all equal under the watchful eye of God, and should treat each other as such. Nothing good comes from division. Anyone wanting to divide by Race is and has always been (look at history) on the wrong side of Humanity and Goodness. Because I firmly believe that as we do one thing we do all things; any measure of a Man based on actions is Valid. We do what we believe. True Colors are shown by Actions.

Let’s not forget the George Floyd Situation, and Mitt Romney was all about it.

Truth will always be truth, it doesn’t change. And it will always rise to the top. I can tell you that again, divisive measures when supported by Media that end up being nothing as it should, the reasons and “Psych-Ops” of it have me wondering. Nothing feels right about it. And when it takes away from issues that should be worked on; and they become politicized, its never good. History has Proven this.

I cannot tell you how many business men and women I have had conversations with that side with my Opinions. We need a new voice, and one that will reflect the voters behind the Senate Office that is up for the taking here in 2024.

When it comes to what America Needs there is Trent Staggs For Senate. We are spreading the word as this Gentleman is Stepping Up.


Furthermore; as my Opinion continues; we NEED Trent P Staggs in Senate. Utah needs him, the United States Needs him. Family Values and the valued way of life we as Americans are supposed to have based on the Constitution need him.

As an American that has been a part of the American Dream; creating Business and Opportunities for the Family Economy. Because, you attract and get to associate with those that share in our Godly and Enterprising Beliefs. In the betterment of our fellow men and women in creating a better quality of life.

Remove Mitt Romney from Office

We have seen the R.I.N.O.’s that tout but do not truly portray or deliver on what they were voted into office to do. And when it comes to RINOS, Mitt Romney has been one of the absolute Worst. An Opinion based on facts from the vote stance and representation opposition. We all know that Mitt has not portrayed what the Voters that put him into office portrayed.

We know here that Trent Staggs For Senate is What America Needs:

As a Result; This coming Election in November 2024 we need him taking office as Senator Staggs. Replacing the Seat that has been destroyed in the nature it was voted in.

We have a direct link to Donate to the Campaign to Secure The Senate Seat once Held by Mitt Romney with the Best Solution in Trent Staggs.

Contribute to the Cause Here

Firstly; Every Donation Helps, and from TODAY through the Election in November 2024 we need to Fight the Fight. Please see that this is passed on to anyone you can as we need to protect our Freedoms, our Rights, and all those things we hold dear.

Secondly; Taking on Mitt Romney won’t be easy, but with help from patriots like you, we can elect a consistently conservative Utahn. As a result, Trent P. Staggs is our absolute best direction to go forward.

Thirdly; It will take Leadership with strong Fiscal Responsibility to Right the Way. Entrepreneurs solve issues. And we need this now.

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