Skin Replenishing Balm

This is the Skin Replenishing Balm you need for everyday life. It was designed for huge skin situations and is a True Healing Balm. This Skin Replenishing Balm is great for every and all skin types. If you suffer from Rosacea, Eczema, Skin Irritations, Cosmetic Surgery, Permanent Make-Up, New tattoos, and about anything that is involved with the Skin.

Key Points about this Incredible Skin Replenishing Balm:

  • This Wonder Formulated & Manufactured in the US – In fact, the founders, Alma & Amber are proud to have this be a truly all American Produced product.
  • Crafted by “Top Professional and Expert” Estheticians: And created for the relief and healing for sever skin changes from Operations, Surgeries as well as Skin Conditions and all Skin Types!
  • This is Medical Grade: With over 4 years of use in the Professional Medical Field we now have access to it directly to our homes. This is something everyone can now benefit from. For all skin types and skin conditions. This is the healing balm you want to have around and use daily.
  • 100 Percent All-Natural Ingredients: The list of ingredients are simple, clean ingredients that by themselves promote healing. This blend works them all together for the best results!
  • No Toxins: This incredible healing balm doesn’t contain any parabens, harsh chemical additives, dyes or other “Additives” that are not good. (Sadly this is not to be the case with almost anything you find in the drug store).
  • No Laboratory Animal Testing: Absolutely no Animal Testing. And a great note as nothing in this incredible healing balm is of question to the safety of the users. This is a true gem of a product to better the lives and healthy of our skin.

A Skin Replenishing Balm that Heals as it also Rehydrates

skin replenishing balm after use reduces redness and itching from skin issues like eczema

This is the most incredible “Healing” and “Rehydrating” Skin Replenishing Balm. It not only absorbs and rehydrates your skin; but it allows your skin to breath while doing so. The rehydration allows for healing and long term solutions to skin issues. It is all about Hydration. We are composed of a lot of water after-all and our Skin is thirsty for it. The more hydration, the better our skin can be.

So Many Uses For This skin replenishing balm! You Will Want It!

If you have Skin you should be using this. Even the lightest of duties with our hands leaves us in need of rehydration and soothing. Our Skin is our Largest Organ and how it looks and feels is crucial to us all. Here are some examples of where this Healing Balm can be of Massive Impact to people’s everyday lives:

  • For those working with their hands in any profession. With or without the daily use of Gloves. The latex or non-latex gloves are not going to help your skin to feel good and to protect it from issues. Nurses, Doctors, Care-Givers, Restaurant Chefs and Caterers. If you are wearing gloves having this for before and after work is going to change the way your skin feels. And its going to add comforts that will be more than appreciated.
  • If you handle paperwork or are on the Computer a lot. You’ll want to be using this daily. Keeping your hands and skin feeling hydrated and being healed from the everyday toils of the work we do.
  • Anyone that is in the Elements. Working Outside, Working with Chemicals (such as Pools, Hot-Tubs, Maid Service, Cleaning, or Maintenance Work). This list goes on and on.

Additional reasons to use this skin replenishing balm is if you are under going any micro-needling, tattoos, laser treatments or even PMU (permanent make-up).

The healing times are seeing a reduction in time from a standard 14-30 days down to just 7 days without any scabbing! We love that this is so amazing that you can use this daily.

So Many Uses – it will become your “go to”. Something you can carry with you in your purse, carryon, even a diaper bag! Thinking if this will work for other skin issues – if it is a rash, razor burn, even sunburn, the answer is Yes! Oh ladies! How about those unmentionable areas with stretchmarks? Do you suffer from ingrown hairs? Time to give this skin replenishing balm a try!

Nurses and caregivers: Your hands are raw from continuous washing? Yes, This skin replenishing balm is for you too. In fact, do you see a patient that may become prone to bed sores? This may be just what the family is looking for.

Healing from the Inside as well as the Outside

What I am most excited about sharing this skin replenishing balm with others is that while the skin replenishing balms heals from the Outside In, you can also heal from the Inside out with our Incredible “Fountain of Youth” serum from Velovita! Go here to learn more about it and think about how amazing your skin will look and feel when paired together!

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