Smartphone Safety

Smartphone safety is a key thing we all need to be aware of. While its not as fatal as a gun, knife, or rocket launcher, the smartphone’s connection with our life can be fatal. You are driving, your phone is there on a mount, in general you are being safe. This is where we are in trouble. Because should it fail in the mount, fall over, or twist and turn away from us, we will react without thinking and cause a position of error. These little things cause accidents, deaths and unnecessary damage and harm.

Is that Mount going to hold when we swerve to miss the driver next to us texting their boyfriend about what a jerk he is? We have to be aware more today than ever, because of these Smartphones. And while Smartphones aren’t killing people; but people using them without regard for others is; we need to be better. We all need to be better.

Tools help. Just like having the right holster for our guns, or mounts for our hunting rifles in our vehicles that securely lock and protect our weapons, we need the right mount and plan to protect our Smartphones.

This is where a LOCKING and incredibly strong and secure mount for our smartphone comes into play. And we found the only one we would recommend.

We are representing this incredible smartphone case, mount, solution company and hopefully getting this incredible solution into the hands of all we can. It will make us better. It will help to save accidents, lives and all sorts of trouble just by adding this tool to the everyday use of all of us with smartphones. You have a smartphone, you need a case. And you need one that can universally connect to the best and safest mounts and tools for its use. This is a complete eco-system for safety, security and best practices with your smartphone.

We arranged an exclusive 20 percent off arrangements. Our gift to you, so you can get more than a case and a mount. Get a mount for your bike, your motorcycle, your golf cart. Check out the growing set of tools all designed to work with your smartphone and case to securely lock when you need it mounted and locked. Go here and get your safety with your smartphone set up. Fast shipping, and be a better, safer smartphone user in just a few days.

Ends the days of reaching for your smartphone when it falls off a faulty cheap mount. Smartphone safety is something we all need to be aware of.