Teachers Of Brainfood Academy

The Teachers of Brainfood Academy. These Expert Teachers are the Pride of us here with Brainfood Academy. This is the HEART of everything. These Incredible Human Beings are Available to Share their Talents with Students all around the Globe with our Training and Education Platform. “Brainfood Academy”.

Meet our “Rockstars”; Otherwise known as the Teachers of Brainfood Academy

In the Standard World of Education and Priorities; the Teacher is Under-Appreciated, Under-Paid, and Under-Supported. They are the ones with the absolute “Highest Available Impact” on the futures of the Students They are Pouring their Passion and Heart into. Not all are created to be Teachers, and not all Teachers are equal. We are proud of the Expert Teachers we bring into this incredible education Platform; and are solidly behind their support needs and we Value them as our “Rockstars” for the future.

Meet Dr. Hawkins

Dr. Cassandra Mmabatho Hawkins

As a retired educator and entrepreneur, the quote by Fredrick Douglas, “ It is easier to build strong children than repair broken adults” has resonated for many years in the mind of Cassandra Mmabatho Hawkins. With over 29 years of experience in education, teaching Language Arts, and 11 years of mission’s work, Dr. Cassandra Hawkins was recognized as a VIP member in 2020 by P.O.W.E.R (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized). Using her degrees in Speech, Theatre and Communications allow children to express themselves and stimulates their creativity to problem solve. Cassandra Mmabatho Hawkins, Doctor of Ministry, enjoys teaching bible stories used to teach character development and help children grow spiritually. In addition to all she does, she is most excited about directing stage plays and musicals that teach children, teens, and young adults how to make best choices.

So, if you want to meet and work with Dr. Hawkins, then make sure you enroll in her classes this year!! She would enjoy to open your mind and expand your horizons.

Ms Tulini: Teachers at Brainfood Academy

Mrs. Tulini

I am a Special Education and General Education Teacher. Having taught 1st and 2nd grades in Special Education. As well as teaching Middle School Grades 4 and 5 in the school. I taught 9th and 10th Supplemental to support those who needed extra help. During the Pandemic I taught online with Google Classroom breakout rooms. I retired in June of 2022 from a school with the low income families. The love teaching all grades is something I love to do. Here at Brainfood Academy, I will be teaching 1-5 and HS Language Arts and Social Studies. I will also be teaching 3 and 4 SS and Science. If needed I will also be teaching 1-4 Math.

Mr. Cantu

Explore The Philosophy of Music With Mr. Cantu

I am Mr. Cantu and I am here to show the world of music. Music theory will show you where you can find music is everyday life. Music is all around you if you know where to look. And how to recognize it. Music theory is just the beginning of all that music encompasses.

My goal here at Brainfood Academy is to educate students and create engaging lessons in music. The main focus will be to instruct in learning how to read musical chords. I also will have a separate class for instruction in playing the guitar. By using my experience and knowledge in music, the student will be able to become skillfully proficient in the art of music.

As the creator and founder of Mariachi bands as a grade and credit in the State of Texas with my colleagues, I hope to show the love of music to my students of all ages.

Get Into Physic and Astronomy with Professor Jackson;

Professor Ms. Jackson

Hi, I’m Francine, and I will be introducing you to the world of physics. I am a professional astronomy educator, both teaching all ages and working in many different planetariums. My goal will be to show you that science isn’t just a “class,” that it is a part of everything you do. Come, open your eyes, and enjoy the world of everyday science.

As an educator and Astronomy curator at Brown University, I hope to challenge and enlighten you in the world of Physics and Astronomy. The world is built on numbers. Let me show you how our universe is made up.

Teachers at Brainfood Academy: Ms. Starling

Ms. Starling

I am a Graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Elementary Education and minor in science. The majority of my experience is as a specialized teacher in the areas of reading and math at the elementary level. I love to be able to help students develop a love of reading and math! I will be teaching first graders reading and math skills. In reading I will cover: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Fluency, Handwriting, Grammar and Punctuation. Math is where we will learn: Counting and Cardinality, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data, and Geometry. In Fourth grade, I will be teaching math. Some of those skills include: Numbers/Operations in Base Ten, Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Numbers/Operations – Fractions and Decimals, Measurement and Data, Geometry, and Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving. I look forward to teaching your student in the future!

History – Mr Janecek Shows You History Is Fact

Mr. Janecek

According to Mr Janecek, we need to learn our past. Why? In order to understand our present. As a result, we can plan our future. Contrary to popular consensus, history is not up for debate. It is what it is. It happened. We cannot change it or dispute it. However, we can discuss it. Learn from it and educate ourselves on the mistakes as well as accomplishment of our past.

It will also help us understand why things are happening today. Mr Janecek will engage our students in open conversation and learning on the past and present history. From the Renaissance to current events. Using facts and not opinions, he will lead our students in their growing development of finding their own voice. As a result of learning to discern fact from opinion, they can better make decision for themselves. Learning how to think for themselves as well as reason from fact given, will make our student a better person. Moreover, they will be a vital influence in our ever changing world.

Learn to Sign and the Joy of Learning with Ms Jay

Mrs. Fish

I talk with my hands!!! I love to teach and explore the world of learning. Although I have a special need to help me with my breathing, I hope to show my students that they are special too. With sign language and interactive teaching, I hope to show my students that there is the ability to learn in all things. In my class, my students will learn the joy and art of language. Explore the world of music. As well as learn how to communicate through sign language. Come on board with Brainfood Academy and let’s learn together.

Ms Wendy Naruse and Felix – Learn and Grow

Ms Wendy

Hello everyone. My name is Ms Wendy. Felix and I will take you on an adventure of learning this year in Brainfood Academy. I received special education teacher training at University of Hawaii from 2018 to 2020 -worked with elementary grade students since 2017 -also obtained 3 years of tutoring experience in basic math and language arts -also taught Conversational Cantonese to Elementary grade children for 3 years. -has 3 years of teaching experience using the online zoom platform Fun facts about me.

I am married, I have 4 dogs and a cat. Loves to cook, sing karaoke, and play with my dogs. I live in Hawaii. I like to incorporate fun in my classroom to get students excited about learning. Favorite food: Sushi. Favorite color: green – In Brainfood Academy, I will be teaching grade 1 math with my assistance Felix (a stuffed animal) Key topics that will be covered in this year will be: 1. Number sense and operations (counting, add, subtract, etc) 2. Measurement and data (compare and order objects, graphs and charts) 3. Geometry (2 and 3-dimensional shapes) 4. Patterns and Relationships (regarding numbers, shapes, objects, etc.)

Don’t Be A Victim To Math – Mr. Hamilton Will Show You How

Mr. Corey Hamilton

Math seems to be the culprit in many students educational life. However, Mr. Hamilton has the key. He will show you how to use your “brain power” to overcome the stigma of mathphobia. By showing you the fundamental of math, you will know the joys of numbers. Math is everywhere. In all things that we do. From growing our food to daily activities, math is a necessity in our life. Mr. Hamilton is on a mission to show you how to enjoy math. Not to let it rule you. He is here to show you how to break down the essential elements in math and remove the phobia of math. From basic math, Algebra all the way to trigonometry, Mr. Hamilton will help you conquer the world of math.

We Absolutely Love Our Teachers at Brainfood Academy

The Education and Training Platform of Brainfood Academy allows us to truly focus on the “Rockstars” we have in our Teacher Core. The use of technology with the High Skills of our Teacher Core already sets us above the rest. The Curriculum and Direction the “Supporting Community” behind this is unlike anything you have seen or can imagine. This is how we fix and better the Education Path for all. Welcome.