Weight Loss thru Bio Hacking

Diets suck and weight loss is needed right; Weight Loss thru Bio Hacking for the win! See I am a real and true foodie. I love my fine wines, and fine food. Normally both of them together. This creates a great food lifestyle, but add in genetics (the first of the science words here) and I have a tendency to gain fat and inches. And it seems my Gut, my once a six pack stomach became the keg version.

For years (well since I turned 22 years old, some decades ago) I have been dealing with weight gain. Then I would go into an amazing routine or program to lose the weight, then to gain it back. The lifestyle and commitments as compared with my joys of food, wine and a good time did not bode well. I have been on and tried so many diets, fasts, and methods only to lose some and gain it back. It was like losing my keys, I’d lose the weight and then find it again.


This is me, struggling, counting calories and trying to be active. I have always refused to give up on the set pleasures of food, wine and great company. If I was going to be happy, yet chunky, so be it. Been on many things, some to lose 5 to 10 pounds, and then only to find it again. May last a few months, but it only worked so long, and then done.

There is a lot to be said about it. I watched many in my life do the same thing. Or find some magic pill that would work. It would work so well that soon Big Pharma would lobby, and before you knew it, the key ingredient that was making the magic in the magic pill would be banned. Back to the way of things, and being with the rest of the 85 percent of the population that are overweight. Overweight, Overworked – and Underpaid.

Well, in August of 2020 a dear and close Friend of mine shared a product with me. It was not weight loss, but it was a nootropic. And you know it made me happy, feel good, gave me energy. I was soon off of any Energy Drinks, they just didn’t taste as good, or even do what this Nootropic did. And I noticed I was snacking less, and less. Emotional eating, or even over-eating was gone in my life. Now I noticed I didn’t gain weight, and I was overall – happier about everything.

This is After 60 Days of Taking the Nootropic and Sleep/Night Time Bi-Hacking Look Better Magic Gel!

Then this same friend added another product to his line, a better sleep, and way to turn your body into an exercise machine while you sleep. Within 60 days of adding this product to the Nootropic product I was down 20 pounds (and counting). Here I am in the pool with my Grandson, only look at me! I’m seriously looking good! Especially from where I was just 60 days prior. My gut, the hardest part of my body to lose inches and weight was slimming down, and still is. I am wearing clothes I haven’t been into in years. I am excited to buy new clothes, and more importantly feeling good to just live life in a better body.

It is all about Bio-Hacking. Science for the Major Win. When you find something this incredible – it is all about sharing it with others that can benefit from it. I have been so committed to sharing this life enhancing and weight reducing awesomeness with everyone I can. Its a powerful combination of happiness and becoming a healthier, leaner, slimmer, “less fat and excess inches” better version of you.

From here there are 2 decisions.

Become a Customer and get these incredible Products. (I strongly suggest using the combination of both products)

Or Become a Member. I became an Ambassador and have friends, family neighbors, and friends that are family all coming to my house to get their supply for cash.

It is amazing, they take it, and love it. The results speak for themselves. We have helped to get people off of anxiety, depression, adhd, and other medications. The medical professionals reviewing this product are excited about it, and more and more we are seeing that this is a life changing shift. Thank you Science!